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Stanford International Students Face Choice; Get COVID-19 Booster or Deported

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America’s prestigious universities promote themselves as bastions of education and scientific reasoning. 

However, the COVID-19 scamdemic has revealed its true nature.

Schools have gone on power trips equivalent to the most corrupt institutions and abused their students with insane policies.

Stanford University, often labeled “Harvard of the West,” has wielded an iron fist and imposed medical tyranny on students. 

The university instituted a requirement that all students take the COVID-19 jab or face an “enrollment hold,” according to a Newsweek op-ed.  

I am an international student in the Physics PhD program. I have a wife and a one-year-old son, who are dependents. If I do not get the booster shot before April 15, I cannot enroll for the spring quarter and my J-1 visa will be automatically canceled, as will the J-2 visas of my wife and child. I want to finish my program, but also do not want to be bullied into taking a booster shot. For international students like me, the consequence of not being injected with the booster is deportation.

The international student stated, “I decided to get two doses of the vaccine last year.”

Despite contracting COVID himself after inoculation, Stanford wants to mandate the third dose.

The COVID-19 booster is useless against circulating strains and only presents the risk of potential side effects.

Thus, Stanford’s illogical and immoral mandate would put this student’s health and education in potential danger.

He explains more about Stanford’s booster mandate in the article:

Several aspects of the Stanford booster mandate render it particularly irrational. The university requires students to be boosted—even those whose classes are all online and who live off-campus—but not staff or professors, who are older and arguably more at risk. Stanford permits exemptions from the requirement for medical and religious reasons (though it rarely grants the former) but not philosophical reasons. And although it is forcing students to take the booster, Stanford is unwilling to take liability or pay for the consequences of any serious side effects that might occur.

In January, Stanford students delivered a petition to the administration in opposition to the booster mandate. Though the petition gathered more than 2,500 signatures and provided scientific evidence for the irrationality of the booster mandate, the University ignored it and has not responded to any of its scientific arguments. When I contacted Stanford authorities, they rebuffed me, saying their mandate should not be considered coercive. It is painful to realize that my school is twisting my arm with the threat of visa cancellation while claiming that I am not forced to do anything. Many students will comply unwillingly with the mandate because they do not want to disrupt their future careers.

For me and other international students, the consequences of not being injected with the booster are even higher. We, along with our families, face deportation—and Stanford knows it. It is time everybody knows it as well.

Mandate pushers will say they’re following the science and claim the COVID-19 jabs are safe and effective.

However, that’s not the science Stanford follows and imposes on its students.

Stanford follows the $cience to their bank account.

From Philanthropy News Digest:

Stanford University has announced a ten-year, $50 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to accelerate its vaccine discovery efforts.

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