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Special Ed Teacher Chokes 7-Year-Old For Not Wearing a Mask

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A teacher in Denver, CO has been caught on camera choking a 7-year-old for refusing to wear a mask.

The mantra of the “woke” left during this whole pandemic is that you have to hurt people in order to protect people. Apparently, that applies to children too.

Gateway Pundit had the details:

A Lowry Elementary School special education teacher is seen assaulting and choking a 7-year-old boy who refused to wear a mask in surveillance footage obtained by The Gateway Pundit.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Lowry Elementary school officials in Denver, Colorado persistently harassed Anthony Chavez and his son Chase for refusing to allow Chase to wear a mask at school after the governor rescinded the mask mandate for indoor venues.

In spite of the governor lifting the mask mandate, the bright lightbulbs at the elementary school decided they knew better and still enforced masks. For children.

These administrators believed they knew better than nearly half a dozen studies debunking masks by some of the greatest medical researchers on the planet. Wow, that weed must be really good in Colorado.

Does this look like common sense? The kids have their arms around each other, but somehow wearing a mask means all is right with the world.

It gets even more despicable. Teachers and administrators started bullying this child for choosing to not wear a mask. They did so in a horrific and humiliating fashion.

Chase’s teacher began putting window screens around him and around his desk,” Chavez, a 42-year-old single father told TGP. “I instructed Chase to kindly put the windows next to the trash and not allow himself to be separated. They were attempting to have him sit six feet away from the other children while they were in their ‘numbers corner.’ They made him walk in front of the other kids as they walked through the halls to art class. I found out and I said, ‘That is not going to happen anymore and put a stop to it.’”

Worst yet, they allowed his classmates to bully and terrorize him for refusing to wear a mask.

The interim assistant principal even attempted to bribe Chase into wearing a mask by “offering bags of potato chips, candy and extra recess” if he complied. On February 18, Anthony Chavez received a call from the principal asking him to pick Chase up from school. A student who regularly began bullying Chase after he stopped wearing a mask in class destroyed Chase’s Lego creation during recess.

When Chase approached a special ed teacher to intervene, Chase ended up being the one that got in trouble. Worse, he was choked into submission.

Chase claimed Susan Rayburn, a special ed teacher, grabbed him and choked him as she carried him across the room when he asked her to resolve the dispute. His father received a call from the principal telling him to pick Chase up early and that they were “required” to put him in a restraint hold.

“I couldn’t really breathe so I tried to stand up to have my neck breathe, but it was too hard,” the 7-year-old boy told his father following the incident. “I tried to stop her but I couldn’t.”

It’s heartbreaking to read that last quote. You can almost feel the helplessness Chase experienced. Had things gone differently, he may not still be with us.

Neurologists have called for police to stop using restraint holds and neck restraints, warning the blockage of blood flow to the brain through two pressure points on the neck and compression of airflow through the windpipe can be deadly.

“The whole importance of the blood flow itself is that the blood is what’s carrying the oxygen, so if you’re not getting blood up to the brain, you’re not getting oxygen to the brain,” says Jillian Berkman, MD, “The end result could still be the same as when you’re choking someone. Both chokeholds and strangleholds have the potential to be deadly.”

The video of how things went down is even worse.
You can see it here:

This is horrific behavior. Unfortunately, it isn’t being publicized enough. This is another example of educational overreach and an attempt to take the raising of children out of the hands of their parents. One thing is for sure, parents all over the nation are beginning to keep a close eye on what happens to their children at school.

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