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“Somebody’s Going To Get Killed”

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“2000 Mules” investigator Gregg Phillips joined Emerald Robinson on Absolute Truth on Thursday to discuss the historic documentary that reveals the organized ballot trafficking operations in the 2020 election behind the stolen election.

During the interview, Gregg Phillips revealed how the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger are harassing the True the Vote investigators to get at their informants.

Phillips says he will never turn over his sources and that “somebody’s going to get killed” because of the actions by these state agencies.

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Here is the transcript from the interview with Gregg Phillips: “A handful of days before the movie was released they (GBI) reached out to us with subpoena’s. Not about our complaints (the Mules), but trying to get me to turn over my sources and the witnesses who came forward. The witnesses came forward with a commitment from me that I would never burn them, but also with the expectation they would never be burned. This is a very very dangerous escalation. I believe that someone is going to get killed if they are not careful. These people are stupid…. The investigator (GBI) himself, and the people who fashioned this subpoena, are going to get someone killed. They don’t understand what their dealing with. I’m not going to reveal the source. I don’t care what they do. They can cuff me, I’m not revealing the sources.”

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