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Slovenia Canceled? Ukraine Demands Slovenian Flag Removed From Embassy Because It Looks Russian

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This takes cancel culture to a new level of insanity.

Apparently, anything that remotely resembles Russia must get cancelled to protect the feelings of the corrupt Ukrainian regime.

Slovenia was the latest victim of Russophobia for the colors of their flag.

Yes, Ukraine wants to cancel the Slovenian flag because it looks similar to the Russian flag.

“When we arrived in Kiev, it was quite windy, and when we proudly raised the Slovenian and European flags back, they fluttered in the wind,” Slovenian Chargé d’Affaires Bostjan Lesjak said in an interview with TV Slovenia.

However, the Ukrainian National Guard didn’t like the way the Slovenian flag appeared after the wind slowed down.

It looked too much like the Russian flag for their preference and asked the embassy to “temporarily remove the Slovenian flag because it is too similar to the Russian one,” and it was duly removed.

Summit News highlighted Russophoic cancel culture:

The flag was cancelled despite Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa having expressed support for Ukraine on numerous occasions and calling for the country to be allowed to join the EU.

The removal of the flag occurred after Ukrainian officials demanded the global “criminalization” of use of the letter Z in the context of supporting Russia.

Yes, Z is also cancelled.

Both Zurich Insurance Group and Samsung have distanced themselves from ‘Z’ in brand names and advertising.

As we previously highlighted, Siberian cats were banned from competing in international cat competitions, while a tree was also robbed of its ‘tree of the year’ victory because it was Russian.

One wonders how Ukrainian authorities are going to see off the Russian war machine if they are too precious to tolerate the existence of cats, trees, letters of the alphabet and flags of other countries.

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