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Slain Rapper’s Corpse Propped up at Nightclub During Funeral as Friends and Family Dance the Night Away (VIDEO)

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A rapper’s corpse was propped up at a nightclub during his funeral dubbed, “The Final Show” over the weekend.

24-year-old Markelle Morrow, AKA, “Goonew,” was shot dead a few weeks ago by an armed robber.

The deceased rapper’s body was propped up on stage as the DJ played music at Goonew’s memorial service.

DC’s Bliss nightclub apologized for the ‘disrespectful’ public viewing.

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“Our deepest condolences to Goonew’s family, friends and fans,” the nightclub said in a statement. “Bliss was contacted by a local funeral home to rent out our venue for Goonew’s home-going celebration.

“Bliss was never made aware of what would transpire. We sincerely apologize to all those who may be upset or offended,” the nightclub said. “Please keep Goonew’s family and friends in your prayers at this difficult time.”

TMZ reported:

Rapper Goonew was quite literally front and center at his own funeral … with his body propped up and on display in a club.

The 24-year-old’s funeral, named The Final Show, was held at Bliss Nightclub in Washington D.C. Sunday, and footage from inside the building appears to show the rapper’s embalmed corpse overlooking the crowd, fully dressed up and wearing a crown.

The audience reaction is pretty mixed … some are dancing along to the music, while others are stone-faced, staring at the dead body in front of them. Bliss Nightclub said they weren’t made aware of the tribute ahead of time, according to TooFab, and have apologized to anyone offended.

The rapper’s friends and family danced and partied next to his corpse.

WATCH (click on tweet to view video):

At first some thought the rapper’s corpse was a wax figure or a mannequin, however, his close friends say it was actually him.

The New York Post reported:

It was like the hip-hop equivalent of “Weekend at Bernie’s.”

Washington, DC’s Bliss nightclub has apologized over an appalling spectacle in which the body of slain rapper Goonew was reportedly displayed on their stage at his own funeral. The memorial service took place Sunday, weeks after the hip-hopper was shot dead at 24 years old.

While initially unclear if the figure was Goonew’s actual corpse or a mannequin, the general consensus is that the body was, in fact, his.

“During the event, Goonew’s body was propped up on stage, wearing designer clothing and a crown,” the Shade Room wrote on Instagram. Meanwhile, per XXLMag, Black Fortune — a rapper who performed at the event — wrote in an Instagram Story: “No this ain’t no wax figure my Brodie went out gansta.”

Social media found the display obscene and disrespectful.

“No way goonew mama approved that s–t that’s so sad & disrespectful,” wrote one aghast fan on Twitter. Another offered: “if y’all saw that video with Goonew’s body y’all can’t tell me this society ain’t already collapsed … “

“This is madness,” spluttered another gawker on the ’Gram. “WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?”

Even hip-hop icon 50 Cent weighed in on Twitter, writing: “oh s–t ! i just realized what this is.”

Meanwhile, another tweeter — reportedly an employee at the bar, expressed shock upon arrival, claiming they were not clued in beforehand about what they witnessed.

“Imagine walking into work and it’s a deceased body on display. They didn’t warn us they didn’t tell us they didn’t even know,” they wrote. “When i say I’ve officially been traumatized this year i mean it.”

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