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Shannon Sharpe Blasted for Saying He’d Rather ‘Pay $20 a Gallon Than Have Trump in Office’

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Former NFL great and current FS1 analyst Shannon Sharpe found himself playing defense this weekend after saying that he would rather pay “20 bucks a gallon than have Trump in office.”

The trouble started for Sharpe after he posted a tweet jokingly asking if anyone knew any gas station owners who were hiring. The tweet also showed a $118 purchase at the pump.

“Anyone knows someone hiring that owns a gas station? You get a discount IF* you [work] at an establishment,” Sharpe wrote on Saturday. “Do ppl still siphon off gas? It was a thing when I was a growing up.”

However, when a Twitter follower asked Sharpe whether his dismay at paying Joe Biden’s gas prices made him long for the days of Trump, Sharpe posted this tone-deaf and elitist response.

“I’d rather pay 20 bucks a gallon than have Trump in office,” Sharpe wrote. “Hope that answers your question.”

Sharpe, who has a reported net worth of $14 million, drew instant and justified backlash from a slew of Twitter followers:

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