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Schwab and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Joke About “Fanatic Group of Anti-Vaxxers” That Went After Them (WATCH)

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The inflated hubris and massive God-like complex of the World Economic Forum was on full display in a segment with Chairman Darth Schwab and Pfizer Drug Cartel CEO Albert Bourla.

The two jokingly talked about a “fanatic group of anti-vaxxers” that went after Pfizer because of ‘conspiracy theories.’


“We knew that there’s a very fanatic group of anti-vaxxers that would go after us no matter what. They will claim the sun didn’t go up because people were vaccinated,” Bourla said.

“I think we were both targets of the anti-vaccine movements,” Schwab responded.

The two joked that they were in good company.

Some other clips from these two globalist scum:

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