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Rob Skiba Predicts Vaccine Mandates In 2013 With Near Perfection! [Mark of the Beast]

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If you have never seen this, it is about to blow your mind…

Rob Skiba was a favorite of mine.

A true Truth Warrior.

You may not agree with everything he ever posted, but I loved his work and he opened my eyes to many things.

Turns out, he was also very prophetic.

A video presentation he did in 2013 is suddenly going viral because he predicted with almost near-perfection the PlannedDemic, vaccine mandates, and all the rest!

This is going to blow your mind…

Watch here:

Backup here:

One more backup here from Rumble:

And if you are interested in the full presentation, I highly recommend it.

Unfortunately, Rob is no longer with us but his work lives on.

The full presentation is below and this particular clip comes at about the 1:24:00 mark.


Curious how many of you knew Rob already before this article…👇

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