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RINO Lindsey Graham EXPOSED For Not Even Knowing He’s The SPONSOR Of The Heinous TikTok Ban Bill

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Lindsey Graham is a real piece of work.

Many think he’s a “Lady Boy”.

I’m not gonna go there.

No, not going there.

We are too classy to cover that, but many believe it.

He was also best buddies with John McCain.

Need I say more?

But that’s not what this article is about.

No, this article is about his utter failure as a member of Congress.

What’s the most basic job description of being in Congress?

Maybe to actually read the Bills you vote on?

Heck, forget about that….

I’ll dumb it down for even someone like RINO Lindsey Graham and really lower the bar….

How about you at least READ the Bills you are sponsoring!

No, wait….I’ll dumb it down even more!

How about you KNOW which Bills you are sponsoring!

What a novel concept right?

Except RINO Lindsey Graham had no idea he was even the sponsor of this heinous Ban TikTok Bill.

Jesse Watters did an incredible job of calling him out right to his fat ugly face and Graham was left stuttering and stammering.

Watch this:

Here’s more on why this Bill is a direct attack on Freedom and Liberty:

TikTok Bill Explained By Tucker Carlson: It’s Always The Opposite Of What They Tell You!

The new “TikTok Ban Bill”‘ is not good at all…

No, I don’t support China, but I absolutely do not support this abomination!

This is essentially the Patriot Act 2.0.

And we all know how Patriot Act 1.0 turned out, right?

Basically the most UN-patriotic thing to ever happen to America.

And this accelerates it on steroids.

If you’re having trouble following the story, just watch this video where Tucker breaks it all down and makes it make sense.

You’ll quickly see why this thing is rat poison!

Watch here:

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