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‘Ricky Gervais: Supernatural’ Review: Gloriously Inappropriate

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Ricky Gervais is rich and famous and doesn’t give a damn, and may the God he does not believe in continue to bless him.

Gervais’ latest Netflix special SuperNature, which went live Tuesday, is perfectly inappropriate, gloriously offensive, beautifully fearless, and hysterically funny.

For about an hour, one by one, Gervais leads sacred cows onto the stage and then proceeds to beat, stab, sodomize, and bury them.

So you’d go back and find baby Hitler …  and just strangle him? Have you seen Hitler when he was a baby? *whips out Baby Hitler photo on phone* Oh my God, absolutely adorable. Look at that. Why have I got a picture of baby Hitler on my phone? That’s my business. What if I do masturbate over it?

Old people, lesbians, Woketards, transsexuals, the Holocaust, Christians, pro-lifers, Muslims, fat people, female comedians, the Chinese, dwarfs, pedophiles, Eskimos, AIDS… Pow! Crash! Wham! Boom!

The story he tells about a straight man transitioning to a woman, becoming a lesbian, somehow finding a “pretty lesbian,” and realizing the mistake he’s made after strapping on a strap-on, literally, and I mean literally, had me rolling on the floor.

And every time you think he’s going to virtue signal or become a little Chappelle-esque in his defensiveness, he goes right for the throat of the joke:

In real life, of course I support trans rights. I support all human rights, and trans rights are human rights. Live your best life. Use your preferred pronouns. Be the gender that you feel that you are. But meet me halfway, ladies. Lose the cock. That’s all I’m saying.


I mean, [Boris Johnson] started off by saying women in burkas look like postboxes. Now, it’s not up to Boris Johnson what a Muslim woman wears on her face. It’s up to her husband.

More than once, and without sounding the least bit apologetic or angry, Gervais explains that his jokes are about the irony…

Okay, right. That was irony, okay? There’ll be a bit of that throughout the show. See if you can spot it. Now, that’s when I say something I don’t really mean for comic effect, and you, as an audience, you laugh at the wrong thing ’cause you know what the right thing is. It’s a way of satirizing attitudes. Like that first joke, I used the old-fashioned sexist trope that women aren’t funny. Now, in real life, I know there are loads of funny women. Like, um…

With the understanding that the interpretation often says more about the interpreter than what’s being interpreted, I disagree with Gervais…

Gervais isn’t about irony. He’s a freedom fighter and the best kind of freedom fighter, one who doesn’t give a fuck.

Status means nothing to him. He’s rich. He’s talented. He talks like a man content in his private life, which includes a girlfriend of 40 years… So what the elite prigs and prudes think of him means nothing. He knows who he is, knows he’s right, and knows his audience knows he’s right, so what the Woke Gestapo over at GLAAD and CNN and the BBC think of him—whatever.

In other words, he has wisdom, and that wisdom is all over his comedy. It’s not about irony. What it’s about is pointing out how ridiculous the dominant left-wing culture is, how restrictive and controlling and ludicrous they are.

There’s Oxbridge comedians writing for the posh papers, the rules of comedy, they’re laying it down, laying down the law. And it’s all stuff like, “Comedy should punch up. You should never punch down.” Sometimes you’ve gotta punch down, like if you’re beating up a disabled toddler. Know what I mean? If you punch up, you’ll miss the little cunt. He’ll win.

More than anyone, even Chappelle (who is too defensive at times), Gervais sees the Matrix, and this time the Matrix is on our side…

Everyone knows Woke is bullshit. Everyone. Everyone might not say so. They might be too scared or too concerned with status to say so, but everyone knows, and everyone is waiting for a liberator, for someone to lead us from this bondage. Gervais is happy to accept that role and does so in the precise way that drives the Woke Gestapo most crazy: with a joy that is infectious. Hey, look at us laughing at ourselves and our differences — look at how this brings us together… Why would anyone want to outlaw this?

Do we really want the Humor Gestapo running things? Look at these joyless, tight-assed fanatics….

they make the Moral Majority look like swingers and libertines.

The most dangerous and hideous people in the world are those who cannot laugh at themselves, and they are most unhappy when being ridiculed.

Here’s hoping Ricky Gervais lives forever.

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