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Report Says CNNLOL Will Keep Don Lemon, Jim Acosta

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Woketard publication TheWrap reports that Don Lemon and Jim Acosta will remain at CNN, the far-left propaganda outlet that spreads conspiracy theories and encourages political violence.

CNN’s “new CEO and chairman Chris Licht hasn’t planned beyond Brian Stelter and Jeffrey Toobin ousters,” reads the sub-headline:

Don Lemon and Jim Acosta, two of CNN’s most opinionated and outspoken on-air journalists, are expected to stay at the network despite its new direction to a less overtly left-wing bent, an individual with knowledge of the network’s plan told TheWrap.

Since the sudden, inelegant firing of chief media correspondent Brian Stelter this week and the cancellation of his show, “Reliable Sources,” the CNN newsroom has been abuzz with speculation over who might be next to go, as the message has spread that the network is going more middle of the road.

I’d love to meet the gull who thought CNN would clean up its act.

CNN will never clean up its act. CNN is corrupt to the core, and the only way to fix CNN is to fire almost every on-air person, most especially Lemon and Acosta, but also JakeTapper, Wolf Blitzer, Brianna Keiler, John Berman, Erin Burnett, and on and on and on…. They are all spoiled goods, all tainted with corruption, all distrusted, all ridiculously smug, and therefore unlikable. CNN cannot return to anything resembling ratings glory without a full enema. And that’s never going to happen.


Because if CNN started doing the opposite of what it does now — if CNN started to report the news accurately, CEO and chairman Chris Licht would lose favor with the Beautiful People. He doesn’t want that. He doesn’t want to be tarred, feathered, disinvited, and snubbed like a Murdoch. Reporting the news accurately requires moral courage today, the guts to be ex-communicated, and the integrity to find yourself harassed, insulted, smeared, and vetted to death. Ask Glenn Greenwald about that.

Licht doesn’t have the stones to do the right thing.

Sure, he fired Toobin and Stelter, but nobody liked Toobin and Stelter. Toobin is a #MeToo Violator, and Stelter is a smug, little Zucker puppet who lost his puppetmaster and, therefore, his protection. But the truth is this… Stelter is no more dishonest, discredited, ideological, unappealing, or distrusted by the public than Acosta, Lemon, Tapper, etc. And yet, they remain at their jobs.

CNN will always be CNNLOL.

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