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Rep. Taylor Marjorie Greene Calls Capitol Police On Jimmy Kimmel

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Late-night tv hasn’t been funny in decades.

Many people honestly put the shows on just as background noise as they fall asleep.

During Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night broadcast of his show, the comedian jokingly said Will Smith needs to slap Rep. Taylor Marjorie Greene.

Rep. Greene didn’t think Kimmel’s joke was funny and reported the late-night talk show host to the Capitol police.

The Washington Examiner reported these details:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican, reported Jimmy Kimmel to the Capitol Police after the ABC host joked that Will Smith should slap her, according to a Wednesday tweet.

The outspoken congresswoman alleged that Kimmel’s joke was tantamount to a “threat of violence.”

“ABC, this threat of violence against me by @jimmykimmel has been filed with the @CapitolPolice,” she posted to Twitter.

The late-night host made the joke Tuesday during his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, after the Georgia representative suggested Republican Sens. Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, and Mitt Romney were all “pro-pedophile.”

Greene tweeted the allegation after her colleagues said they would vote to confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court.

In response Kimmel tweeted out:

Fox News covered the story too:

Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says she filed a report with Capitol Police against comedian Jimmy Kimmel over comments he made that allegedly amount to a “threat of violence.”

“@ABC, this threat of violence against me by @jimmykimmel has been filed with the @CapitolPolice,” Greene tweeted early Wednesday evening, accompanied by video of Kimmel on his show “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Kimmel said in the clip of the video that Green is “especially upset with the three Republican senators who said they’ll vote ‘yes’ on Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who’s nominated for the Supreme Court. She tweeted ‘Murkowski, Collins and Romney are pro-pedophile. They just voted for #KBJ,’” Kimmel said on his show Tuesday evening.

Kimmel also called Greene and Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz “scum and scummer” during the show.

“On Tuesday night, Jimmy Kimmel called for violence to be committed against Congresswoman Greene. It will not be tolerated,” a spokesperson for Greene told Fox News Digital.

The statement added that her office “takes all threats of violence towards the Congresswoman very seriously.”

We all know cancel culture would’ve hunted Kimmel down if he made the joke about a Democrat lawamker.

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