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READ Hunter Biden’s Disproval Letter To Joe Biden

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A letter that Hunter Biden penned to his father Joe Biden has just been publicly released by the National Pulse.

The letter was found on Hunter Biden’s laptop and the majority of the letter consisted of Hunter Biden writing about his disapproval of his dad.

In the letter, Hunter describes how the entire Biden family “serves” Joe as if they are some type of organized crime group.

Hunter would go on to say that his father has also “publicly and privately humiliated” the family on several occasions.

The rest of the letter was full of family drama and Hunter’s feelings towards

The National Pulse broke the story and shared these details:

Hunter Biden, the son of the President of the United States, penned a despairing letter to his father just days before Donald J. Trump took office as the 45th President of the United States, as Biden received the Presidential Medal of Freedom and declined, in Hunter’s words, to properly credit his family for his life’s work.

From the “hard drive from hell” – from which The National Pulse has conducted some of the most substantive and consistent reporting – the message comes from Hunter’s notes app, and details a bizarre family dynamic which places Joe Biden at the top, like a mafia crime boss.

“Dad you have to listen,” Hunter begins, before going on to bemoan the fact that Joe Biden’s family has “lived their lives in service to [Joe]” and that they feel “publicly and privately humiliated” by his behavior.

Parts of the letter were previously published by Miranda Devine in her bestselling “Laptop From Hell” book.

The Daily Wire dropped these details:

The computer Hunter Biden reportedly abandoned in a Delaware repair shop has yielded yet another bombshell: A bitter letter he drafted – but apparently did not send – to his father, President Joe Biden. The angry missive, written on Jan. 14, 2017, just as the elder Biden was about to leave the vice presidency and after then-President Obama had bestowed there Presidential Medal of Freedom on him.

“Dad you have to listen – then you can do whatever you want,” Hunter Biden reportedly wrote. “I’ll make it the last time and you can ignore it or i hope at least acknowledge that the three people on earth who have lived their lives in service to you who love you more than the next 30 combined have suddenly all concluded for their own reasons that you have finally crossed the line – that we won’t be publicly and privately humiliated while those that publicly and privately humiliate us our [sic] held to the world as the loves of your life the life of your…”

“Love is an action dad not an emotion. Think how your brother and sister express their love for you. They do anything you tell them to do and have their whole lives,” Hunter Biden wrote.

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