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Punk Swipes Knife at Motorcyclist, Realizes He Picked the Wrong Guy When the Biker’s Vest Opens

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Cell phone video shows how a road rage incident between a motorcyclist and a man armed with a knife nearly ended with the swipe of a blade before things took an unexpected turn.

Rafael Vincent Rivera is currently being held without bond over the incident that transpired at a Flagler County, Florida, intersection on Wednesday.

According to WKMG, Flagler County Sheriff’s Office investigators say the altercation started when 50-year-old Rivera allegedly cut in front of a motorcycle rider before stopping and exiting his truck with a knife.

Expecting trouble, the stopped biker slipped on brass knuckles.

The two then confronted each other before the biker’s wife started recording.


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Footage shows the two motorists squaring off as Rivera taunts the motorcyclist, telling him to “get on your bike and go!” Suddenly, things radically escalate as Rivera leans in and swipes his knife seemingly right at the neck of the victim.

Within seconds, the biker opened his vest and drew a concealed firearm on Rivera.

That put a definite end to the knife swipes.

Rivera refused to drop his blade, instead phoning police while retreating to his truck.

Should the motorcyclist face any charges?

The video, filled with as much profanity as you’d expect from a tense armed standoff, can be seen here. [Graphic language warning.]

The biker, alongside Rivera, was initially detained by police.

After interviewing witnesses and reviewing the footage however, authorities released the motorcyclist and formally placed Rivera under arrest on a count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without the intent to kill.

Rivera was then booked into the Flagler County jail.

Fortunately for everyone involved, this incident ended without bloodshed. Not all road rage confrontations end this way, with some resulting in absolute tragedy for innocent families.


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This isn’t always the case, however.

Sometimes armed citizens are able to respond, putting a definite end to the possibility of further violence.

Thankfully the armed victims in these stories had something just as important as a loaded firearm — a cool head under pressure.

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