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President Trump Blasts Liz Cheney

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America would be truly greater without the Cheney family in our politics…

I can say so many things about this political dynasty parasitizing American society, the father is, in my opinion, a war criminal, and his daughter is a military industrial RINO in sheep’s clothing…

The apple never falls far from the tree, does it?

In short, they represent everything wrong with the political process in America, and if we were a truly just society, Dick Cheney would be on trial for his role in illegally invading Iraq in 2003; Liz would never have been tolerated politically.

President Trump has known all of this for a very long time, and in keeping with his theme of draining the swamp, he has had clashes with the RINO master-at-arms since day 1…

Cheney has done everything in her power to attack President Trump—a man who truly stands for the interests of America and her people—not wartime profits at the expense of our people…

It is impossible to say this of any other member of the military industrial establishment—particularly anyone with the disgraced last name Cheney.

The establishment politician recently issued a politically motivated tirade against the GOP for condoning ‘white nationalism’ in the wake of the Buffalo shooting tragedy…

Truly, these people have no shame and will grandstand on the graves of the dead for petty political gain.

President Trump recently issued this response in what appears to be retaliation for Cheney’s latest cow-towing to the Democratic Party and far-left factions:

ABC News featured her recent sentiments:

The far-right conspiracy that white Americans are being intentionally replaced by minorities and immigrants — known as the “great replacement theory” — was included in a 180-page screed posted online by the alleged shooter.

Republican Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, a frequent critic of her own party, on Monday singled out what she called a parallel between those beliefs and the behavior of some fellow conservatives.

The Federalist writes:

Wyoming’s sole representative was coopted by Democrats last summer when she enthusiastically accepted a request from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to vice chair the Select Committee on Jan. 6. Cheney’s appointment replaced Republicans selected by GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who were barred from fulfilling their congressional service by the speaker.

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