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President Trump at NC Rally: “And We

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President Trump spoke in Selma, North Carolina on Saturday night.

During his speech President Trump gave a shout out to the dozens of men and women who are being persecuted by their government for attending the January 6, 2021 protests. Hundreds of these protesters were arrested and charged for walking into the US Capitol that day. That is the majority of the cases. Several prominent conservatives including Alex Jones, Owen Shroyer and retired Green Beret Jeremy Brown did not even enter the US Capitol but were arrested and/or harassed anyway.

Meanwhile, government operatives who were urging people to walk inside the Capitol are still free today.

President Trump promised last night to demand justice for these men and women, many who are still locked up today and abused in prison while violent leftists and bombers are free to walk the streets of America today.

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President Trump: “And we, while we’re at it, will demand justice for the January 6th prisoners and full protection of their civil rights, like was received by antifa and BLM”

The Trump crowd cheered for civil rights — something the Democrats only want to dole out to stalwart supporters.

Via Liz Harrington.

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