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President Donald Trump Savagely Mocks CNN+ Over Failed Streaming Service

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CNN+ is dead on arrival, but what a fun one month ride it was…

Don’t expect President Donald Trump to hold back how he truly feels about CNN’s latest failure though.

President Trump released a statement savagely mocking CNN, as well as Chris Wallace following the news.

“Congratulations to CNN+ on their decision to immediately FOLD for a lack of ratings, or viewers in any way, shape, or form,” Trump said in the statement.

Trump then compared CNN+ to an “empty desert.”

He then hilariously referred to Wallace as “low rated Chris Wallace.”

You just have to love this stuff from President Trump.

Much like CNN+, Twitter feels like an empty desert without him.

Daily Mail has President Trump’s response to the failure that was CNN+:

Former President Donald Trump on Thursday celebrated the demise of CNN+ after just three weeks by calling it a ’empty desert’ and mocking ‘low-rated’ Chris Wallace – a nemesis especially after the first 2020 presidential debate.

‘Congratulations to CNN+ on their decision to immediately FOLD for a lack of ratings, or viewers in any way, shape, or form,’ Trump said in a statement.

‘It was like an empty desert out there despite spending hundreds of millions of dollars and the hiring of low-rated Chris Wallace, a man who tried so hard to be his father, Mike, but lacked the talent and whatever else is necessary to be a star,’ he continued.

The ex-president added: ‘In any event, it’s just one more piece of CNN and Fake News that we don’t have to bother with anymore!’

Trump has previously expressed beefs against both CNN and Wallace – the moderator of the first 2020 presidential debate, which for the now ex-president was described by the Associated Press as ‘disastrous.’

Newsmax has more on Warner Bros decision to terminate CNN+:

CNN is shutting down its CNN+ streaming service less than a month after its launch, a spectacular flameout for a venture that had attracted stars like Chris Wallace and Alison Roman and was seen as a way to attract a new generation of news consumers.

It had started March 29, shortly before CNN was taken over by new corporate parents. The new leaders of Warner Bros. Discovery quickly let it be known they considered CNN+ an ill-conceived idea.

The subscription-based service will be shut down at the end of April. Executives said some CNN+ programming and employees will be absorbed into the television network and website but there will be layoffs. The head of CNN+, Andrew Morse, is leaving the company.

In a memo to employees on Thursday, incoming CNN Chief Executive Chris Licht said consumers wanted “simplicity and an all-in service” rather than stand-alone offerings. Discovery had previously suggested that it wanted to merge the new company’s separate streaming services, which include Discovery+ and HBO Max, into a single app.

It’s really hard to feel bad for CNN…

In fact, it’s impossible to.

President Trump has every right to revel in their latest failure.

He’s not the only one either.

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