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Pope Francis Says “We Are Racists” in Good Friday Message

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Pope Francis accused the West of racism on Good Friday during an interview with Italian television.

Italian-based reporter Lorena Bianchetti asked Pope Francis if there’s “prejudice toward those war victims who flee from other parts of the world” or will refugees be “subdivided into the category of being an annoyance.”

“Refugees are subdivided. There’s first class, second class, skin colour, [if] they come from a developed country [or] one that is not developed. We are racists, we are racists. And this is bad,” Pope Francis said.

Francis compared the problem of refugees to the flight into Egypt of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus when King Herod was seeking to kill him.

“The problem of the refugees is a problem that Jesus suffered too, because he was a migrant and a refugee in Egypt when he was a child, to escape death. How many of them are suffering to escape death!”

Breitbart reported:

The pope went on to praise a painting of the flight into Egypt by an Italian artist who portrayed Saint Joseph as a clean-shaven, modern-day Syrian fleeing the war with his child.

“An anguished face that these people have, just like Jesus, forced to flee,” Francis said. “He sent it to me and I made holy cards from it.”

On Friday evening, Pope Francis will preside over the Stations of the Cross in Rome’s Colosseum. For the fourteenth and final station, the Vatican invited a family of migrants to write and present a reflection for the placing of Christ’s lifeless body in the tomb after his crucifixion.

“Now we are here. We have died to our past. We wanted to live in our own land but war prevented that,” the text reads. “It is difficult for a family to have to choose between its dreams and its freedom, between its hopes and survival.”

“We are here after travels in which we witnessed the death of women and children, friends, brothers and sisters. We are here, the survivors. We are perceived as a burden,” it continues.

“At home, we were important, but here we are numbers, categories and statistics,” it declares. “And yet we are much more than just migrants. We are persons.”

The Gateway Pundit commented:

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Pope Francis spoke out last month about Russia’s “slaughters and atrocities” in Ukraine. He called the invasion an unjustified “senseless massacre” and encouraged leaders to stop “this repugnant war.”

The current Pope has been outspoken about many things.  He claimed, for example, that taxation was an important tool for socialists.

The Pope praised Joe Biden as a “Good Catholic” despite supporting abortion.  He ignores the Biden family’s corruption in doing so as well.  The Pope also is accused of being on the side of globalists and others pushing climate change and world depopulation.

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