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Poll Finds Kamala Harris Underwater In Her Home State Of California

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How bad are things for Kamala Harris? So bad that a new poll has found that she is underwater in California.

This is not some red state. California is blue and Harris held office there for years.

Between her numbers and Biden’s this administration is circling the drain.

Red State reports:

Trouble in Paradise After Kamala Harris Bottoms out in New California Poll

What happens when you elevate someone based almost solely on identity politics? Kamala Harris is what happens.

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The vice president has continued to languish in the public eye, with more missteps and word salads than one can reasonably keep track of at this point. The media, who love her, just can’t seem to figure out why no one likes her. I’ve got some ideas, though.

The setup here is a new poll out of California that shows Harris with an approval rating of only 35 percent. That’s certainly shocking given how blue the state is, and the fact that Harris hails from there. Yet, the article cited seems to be most shocked by the fact that Asian-Americans hold an overall negative view — despite the fact that the vice president’s mother is Indian…

How bad is Harris at her job that she can’t even garner a positive approval rating in California, a state that voted over 63 percent for Joe Biden?

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Her approval in the state is only 35%.

This is pretty sad.

The number of people who approve just keeps getting smaller.

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