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Police Say At Least 3 Shot in DC, Police & ATF Respond to ‘Active Threat’ as Search for Suspect Ongoing

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Three people were shot Friday in Washington D.C., prompting a heavy police response as authorities continue searching for suspects, authorities stated.

Police and federal agents responded to a northwest Washington neighborhood on Friday after at least three people were shot in a blaze of gunfire.

“City officials warned people to stay inside because of an “active threat” as dozens of officers in tactical gear searched for the suspect,” AP reports.

From AP:

The law enforcement officers responded to the scene near Connecticut Avenue and Van Ness St. in the Van Ness neighborhood of Washington shortly before 3:30 p.m. The incident is just down the road from Howard University Law School.

Police in tactical gear were seen escorting people out of an apartment building. Officers pointed their rifles upward toward other buildings and windows as the people moved quickly down the street with their hands raised above their heads.

The Metropolitan Police Department is warning people who live in the nearby neighborhoods of Cleveland Park and Van Ness to shelter in place. Assistant Police Chief Stuart Emerman said the victims included two adults, one man and one woman, who were in stable condition, and a juvenile female who suffered from a “minor gunshot wound.”

The DC Police Department reported a person of interest in connection to the shooting.

They stated the person of interest is 23-year-old Raymond Spencer of Fairfax, Virginia.

“We are seeking a person of interest that we would like to speak with,” Assistant police Chief Stuart Emerman said.

WFTV added:

The shootings occurred shortly after the Edmund Burke School dismissed students for the day at 3:15 p.m. EDT, according to The Washington Post. The juvenile was listed in stable condition with a minor gunshot wound, while both adults were in critical but stable condition, Assistant police Chief Stuart Emerman said during a news conference.

No officers were injured, Emerman said.

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