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Pocahontas Warren Now Pretending to be the Braveheart of Infanticide

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For someone so smart, Elizabeth Warren is as foolish as a bag of rocks. But I guess that’s how they build them at Harvard. Another side effect is that she’s one of those individuals with an inflated view of their importance to the rest of the world.

Kind of like the person that enters a room and expects everyone to drop their silverware and pearl necklaces, gasping “she’s here!”. Gag.

But being that important for so many decades can wear on a person. Nowadays, Warren walks around with a dazed, frantic look like she’s in a simulation. As if she can’t believe any of this is real.

When you think you’re smarter than everybody else, you eventually believe that all people are dumb. That’s what’s happening here. She’s the superhero of her own video game and we’re all just computer figurines designed to stand in her way and annoy her.

That’s why she thinks she can claim she’s Native American and not have anyone do a simple Google search.

Despite what she thinks, the fact of the matter is that she is extremely unlikeable, even to her own supporters. When you can’t get people who claim to support you to vote for you, that’s a you problem.

That’s why she does stupid things to try and get attention. Because she wants people to like her. Liz must get you to acknowledge her greatness and she will lie and pretend as much as she has to.

Warren loves going to things like protests and rallys and making it about her. In fact, she breathlessly hopes a journalist or photographer will see her and proclaim her the leader of the revolution. It’s like the kid who’s the worst at kickball trying to tell the other kids how to play.

Here’s Warren trying to be the leader of the White House protests in 2020.

She’s out here cause she wants everyone to know that as a Native American, she supports and loves African Americans. Oh shoot, but then there’s this:

Now Elizabeth has turned to the fight over Roe V. Wade as a possible movement she could lead. After all, she is a woman.

Of course the main stream media wants to hype her up. They make her appearance at the protests over the Supreme Court decision look like the second coming of Martin Luther King and Saint Mary. Look at this glowing writeup from Vogue.

Yes Elizabeth, inspire us. Please.

But the reality is much sadder than Vogue wants you to believe. What they don’t show is how many of the protestors knew they were being leveraged as a photo op and promptly moved away from the Senator. There were much fewer people that stuck around for her.

Some media outlets tried their best to present her as the messiah she is. To be fair, without CGI, it’s hard to make 35 people look like the multitude of 5,000. Always be suspicious when pictures are taken from below and are cropped in. What’s outside the frame is what they don’t want you to see. Mainly, the sheer lack of people. See here:

Now here’s a shot of what it’s actually looking like:

40 people max and nearly half of them are reporters, who were likely forced to be there by Warren’s office.  Sad.

Now to the best part of Warren’s visit to the Supreme Court protests. She tries to inspire the scattering of protestors and tourists with her eloquence and her powerful words.

Just picture her sitting in her recliner watching Braveheart as William Wallace gives his famous battle speech. Rather than be inspired, she thinks she can do it better. Hold her beer ladies and gentlemen, the real hero in this story is going to the protest. Here’s a refresher of what an actual motivational speech sounds like.

THIS… is what we got instead:

Hilarious. For even more laughs, hear the battle screeches of the blue-haired mob at the end of the video. Double it up by zooming in on the faces of the only three true believers in the crowd when they do. There’s even one dude in the crowd that is clearly just there for phone numbers and a Tinder date.

It’s hard to quantify the amount of lack of self-awareness here. You need a lot of it to think this speech is in any way a rallying cry for anything other than people to run in the other direction. So you know what, Elizabeth, do us all a favor and keep talking.

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