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Pfizer Gain-of-Function Exposed? Twitter Thread on Pfizer New York Biosafety Lab

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Citizen journalist Chief Nerd on Sunday posted a Twitter thread digging into Pfizer’s BSL-3 laboratory in Pearl River, New York.

Pearl River is approximately 20 miles north of New York City.

Pfizer’s Pearl River location primarily focuses on vaccine research.

From Pfizer:

Pearl River scientists are currently working to develop vaccines against other major infectious diseases. Among the most advanced vaccine candidates under development at the site are maternal vaccines to confer protective antibodies to newborns against Group B Streptococcus (GBS) and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). GBS is the leading cause of dangerous infection in a newborn’s first week of life, including sepsis (blood infection) and meningitis. RSV is a common respiratory virus that affects the lungs and airways, with significant impact on young children and older adults.

Another innovative Vaccine R&D projects at the site is aimed at protecting against infections caused by Clostridioides difficile, which can include life-threatening diarrhea and pseudomembranous colitis.

The Pearl River site is the primary research and development center housing activities relating to Pfizer’s collaboration with BioNTech, which is focused on developing a potential mRNA-based coronavirus vaccine aimed at preventing COVID-19 infection.

Here’s a description of a BSL-3 laboratory courtesy of Consolidated Sterilizer Systems:

Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3)

Once again building on the two prior biosafety levels, a biosafety level 3 (BSL-3) laboratory typically conducts research into or work on microbes that are either indigenous or exotic and can cause serious or potentially lethal disease through inhalation. Common examples of microbes found in BSL-3 labs include yellow fever, West Nile virus, and the bacteria that causes tuberculosis.

Microbes found within biosafety level 3 settings are so serious that work is often strictly controlled and registered through the appropriate government agencies. Laboratory personnel are also under medical surveillance and may require immunizations for the microbes they work with.

Common safety controls within a BSL-3 lab include:

  • The use of PPE, including goggles and gloves; respirators may also be required
  • The use of solid-front wraparound gowns, scrub suits, and/or coveralls is often required
  • Access to a hands-free sink and eyewash station available near the exit
  • Sustained directional airflow to draw air into the laboratory from clean areas toward potentially contaminated areas (exhaust air cannot be recirculated)
  • Self-closing set of locking doors with access away from general building corridors

Access to a BSL-3 laboratory is restricted and controlled at all times.

Major props to Chief Nerd for this deep dive into the research Pfizer is conducting just north of New York City.

“What is Pfizer Doing in it’s BSL3 Laboratory in Pearl River, NY?” he begins the thread.

“(Dec 2014) Fmr. Pfizer Chief Science Officer Philip Dormitzer, then Head of Novartis Vaccine R&D, pushes back on Gain-of-Function regulations,” Chief Nerd stated.

Notice in the video below that Ralph Baric is seated beside Dormitzer.

Baric has been accused, along with EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak, for involvement in funding gain-of-function research of the SARS-CoV-2 virus which is believed to be responsible for the COVID-19 “pandemic.”

Groundbreaking Lawsuit Filed Against EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak

“(Sept 2015) Nine months after Dormitzer’s presentation, he was hired as Pfizer’s CSO and Head of RNA & Viral Vaccines,” Chief Nerd added.

“Dormitzer was based out of Pfizer’s Pearl River, NY research facility. He was CSO through the end of 2021.”

Chief Nerd cited a STAT article that discussed the work being done at Pfizer’s Pearl River research center.

“Pfizer built a high-security laboratory with enough safety protocols and air locks to create copies of the variants and contain SARS-2,” STAT writes.

STAT reported:

Hundreds of millions of doses have been injected worldwide, but at the Pearl River research center, the pace has not let up. A team of “variant hunters,” as they call themselves, race to track changes in the fast-mutating SARS-CoV-2. A “virus farmer” grows the latest variants so researchers can test how they fare against the vaccine. And a colleague known as the “graphing unicorn” converts the data into intelligible results overnight.


STAT was granted a rare look inside Pfizer’s Pearl River research center, which has remained a place of frenetic activity for its 900 workers through the pandemic. The long, squat red brick buildings have operated as a laboratory for more than a century and played a role in past international emergencies, producing penicillin and typhus vaccines in World War II and the major oral polio vaccine in the ’60s. The site is now adapting to the current crisis, as unprecedented numbers of patient specimens crowd its loading bays. Inside the white, fluorescent-lit corridors, Pfizer built a high-security laboratory with enough safety protocols and air locks to create copies of the variants and contain SARS-2.

One quote in particular from the STAT article raises eyebrows.

Chief Nerd cited the quote in the thread: “Isolating and transporting each particular variant from around the world is too much of a hassle. Instead, Pfizer scientists grow the variants themselves, using information from a database called GISAID.”

Why is Pfizer growing the variants themselves?

What type of information is stored in this database?

As STAT explained, Pfizer’s Pearl River location is equipped to “grow COVID-19.”

Pfizer’s scientists “insert the new spike protein into the old SARS-2 virus” to create a new variant, according to the article.


Most other research centers insert the spike protein into a different, non-pathogenic virus, creating what’s called a pseudovirus, which requires a lower lab security level, but is also less accurate. And so Pfizer’s scientists use another method: The company has samples of the virus from the first Covid-19 case in the U.S., back in January 2020. To create a new variant, its scientists insert the new spike protein into the old SARS-2 virus.

“Our system is very different from a lot of other labs, and I think we’re the only one in the world doing it this way,” said Pei-Yong Shi, a molecular biology professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch who’s working closely with Pfizer to study the variants.

Pre-pandemic, Pfizer’s Pearl River research center didn’t have a biosafety level 3 lab required to grow Covid-19 — with an air lock and scientists clothed in hooded white suits, gloves, impervious gowns, and using an air-purifying respirator. (Such a lab didn’t open until March 2021.) And so the spike protein is packed in ice and flown to Texas, where Shi inserts it into the existing SARS-2 virus to create the new variant.

This virus is mixed with serum from the blood of vaccinated people, which contains antibodies their immune systems made in response to the vaccine. Different dilutions of the serum are used in a neutralization assay to show what quantity of serum it takes to inactivate the virus. The more serum that’s required, the less effective the vaccine is against that particular strain.

Chief Nerd cited a Pfizer recruiting brochure titled, “Pfizer Vaccine Research and Development, Innovating for Life-Changing Impact.”

The brochure states:

Investing in Growing Research Capabilities

  • A new 2021 state-of-the-art BSL3 laboratory meeting strict NIH and CDC criteria, now online to safely analyze a broad range of pathogens.
  • Advanced bioinformatics capabilities enable unsurpassed speed and accuracy in interpreting data.
  • A high-capacity sample management system stores and processes millions of clinical trial samples from around the world.

Chief Nerd asks a legitimate question many people would like to know.

What is Pfizer doing with all this data?

Is it similar to what Benjamin Netanyahu allowed Pfizer to do in Israel?

Netanyahu Admits Israel Was Pfizer’s Test Lab for COVID-19 Jab Medical Experiment

Netanyahu admitted Israel was Pfizer’s lab to test its experimental COVID-19 mRNA gene therapy.

The Israeli population was Pfizer’s petri dish for this medical experiment on humanity.

“I said we’ll use that, to tell you whether these vaccines, what do they do to people,” said Netanyahu.

“I persuaded him (Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla) to give tiny Israel the necessary vaccines to get us out first from COVID,” Netanyahu explained.

Now, here’s where Netanyahu reveals part of COVID-19’s real agenda.

“The reason I could do that is because we have a database. 98% medical database. 98% of our population has digitized medical records. A little card. And anywhere you go and any hospital in Israel, north [or] south, it doesn’t make any difference. Boom. You punch it in and you know everything about this patient for the past 20 years,” he said.

Digitized records.


Medical database.

Is this a reason for Pfizer’s BSL-3 laboratory in Pearl River?

It’s worth an investigation to find out.

Chief Nerd concluded his thread with a job description for a Senior Associate Scientist in Pearl River.

Develop bioinformatics tools for whole genome sequencing?

Again, why is Pfizer conducting this research?




Independent citizen journalist Kanekoa The Great commented on Chief Nerd’s Pfizer thread.

@TheChiefNerd is a 20 year pharma industry insider who provides a steady stream of high quality information on Big Pharma, Covid-19, and mRNA shots. If Pfizer is doing gain-of-function research, he would figure out who is involved and where it is happening,” he stated.

Rep. Thomas Massie commented on Pfizer’s response to the explosive Project Veritas video earlier this week where Jordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer Director of Research and Development – Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning, claimed that the Pharma giant is exploring to mutate COVID-19 to continually profit off vaccines.

Pfizer Issues Response to Project Veritas Video

“Mass treatment of the population with an imperfect vaccine caused vaccine resistant variants to evolve,” Massie said.

“Pfizer finds antiviral resistant strains of SARS-CoV-2 by treating infected cells with their antiviral drug and selecting strains that survive. It’s called selective pressure,” he added.

Why is Pfizer conducting this research?

Who is funding this research?

Is Pfizer simply an umbrella corporation for biological weapons research?

It’s a serious question based on the allegations made in the Project Veritas expose.

This response to Chief Nerd’s thread perfectly illustrates the above question.

Let’s not forget that DARPA, the agency responsible for developing emerging technologies for the military, funded Moderna’s mRNA gene therapy research going back to 2013.

From Fierce Biotech:

Moderna Therapeutics, the company pioneering messenger RNA therapeutics™, a revolutionary new treatment modality to enable the in vivo production of therapeutic proteins, announced today that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded the company up to $25 million to research and develop its messenger RNA therapeutics™ platform as a rapid and reliable way to make antibody-producing drugs to protect against a wide range of known and unknown emerging infectious diseases and engineered biological threats.

Messenger RNA therapeutics™ can be designed to tap directly into the body’s natural processes to produce antibodies without exposing people to a weakened or inactivated virus or pathogen, as is the case with the vaccine approaches currently being tested. As a result, Moderna’s messenger RNA therapeutics™ platform has the potential to speed the development and manufacture of treatments that can produce a safer, more reliable and more robust immune response than existing technologies.

“We are honored to be chosen by DARPA for this important grant, which will greatly accelerate our efforts to develop antibody messenger RNA therapeutics™ to combat a wide range of infectious diseases,” said Stephane Bancel, president and founding CEO of Moderna. “We were awarded this major grant after an intense and rigorous scientific review, and it is a testament to our team’s progress and to the profound implications of messenger RNA therapeutics™ that our work was funded. We look forward to further expanding the development of our platform into this critically important new therapeutic area.”

Why is Pfizer conducting this research?

What’s the real reason?


Biological weapons?


That remains the central question.

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