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Pfizer CEO Pushes Annual COVID-19 Shot For Greater Vaccine ‘Compliance’ (VIDEO)

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Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said he’s working on a new COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ that could be taken annually in order for people to become more “compliant” in taking COVID-19 shots. 

Bourla made the insane comment during a press briefing organized by the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA), which took place Wednesday and where he discussed the creation of a new COVID-19 shot.

“What the world really needs is a vaccine that can last a year,” stated Bourla.

No, what the world really needs is Pfizer’s dangerous drugs and rampant corruption to end.

LifeSiteNews reported:

The head of the pharmaceutical giant described this idea as “the optimal public-health solution,” arguing that it would be easier to get the public to comply with a yearly vaccination, as opposed to vaccination every three or four months.

“A vaccine that will be taken once a year is way [easier] to administer and [to] have the population be compliant with it,” he said.

When asked by media briefing host Claire Doole about his prognosis regarding COVID and the alleged need for vaccination, Bourla replied that the virus is “very difficult to eradicate.”

“The most likely scenario is that the virus will continue being with us for the years to come,” he said.

Notice how Bourla doesn’t even pretend that COVID-19 inoculations are for the health of the recipient.

It’s all about compliance.

Shut up and take your vaccine!

This comes from the man who said individuals spreading ‘COVID misinformation’ are criminals.

Pfizer CEO: People Who Spread Misinformation on COVID Vaccine are ‘Criminals’

At the press briefing, Bourla also complained about the lack of enthusiasm for COVID-19 boosters.

“The issue is that right now we are in many, many countries in the fourth dose, and that creates a fatigue,” he said.   

“Way more people got the second [dose] than the third … [and] I think the compliance with the fourth dose will not be as high as we have had [previously]” he added. 

That’s because with each booster, more people wake up to Pfizer’s scam.

Bourla cited the lack of booster enthusiasm as the main reason for manufacturing an annual COVID-19 shot.

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