by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Andrew Chang interviewed Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla about developing the COVID-19 vaccine, and why he calls people who spread vaccine misinformation ‘criminals.’

Bourla states:

They literally cost lives. They know that what they are saying is a lie. But they do it despite that.

Bourla mentions how people online claimed that his wife died due to taking a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine that he forced her to take. He said that was “all lies, of course.”

Did she die after getting a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine? Is he saying that she did die but that her cause of death is not due to the vaccine?

His comments are not clear. He said:

But forget that. That’s nothing compared to how many people did not do the vaccine and died because of that.

Listen for yourself. This clip is from our Bitchute channel. The original full version is here.