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Peter Doocy’s Questions Leave Joe Biden an Angry Stammering Mess

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Joe Biden‘s mental capacity is hanging by a thread.

His ability to regulate his own emotions are on an even thinner thread.

The White House recently walked back several gaffes made by Biden.

Biden was confronted on this by Fox News reporter Peter Doocy.

An angry Biden simply rebuked everything by saying that none of it happened.

Biden looked uncomfortable as Doocy questioned him, and could barely contain his anger.

This all stemmed from the White House walking back several Biden gaffes made in recent days.

Our friends at the Blaze reported on those gaffes:

White House aides have worked overtime in recent days to correct several alleged misstatements from Biden.

First, Biden appeared to tell American forces they were going to Ukraine. The White House said that was not true.

Second, Biden appeared to say the U.S. and NATO were prepared to use chemical weapons in Ukraine if Russia first used them. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, however, said the U.S. was not going to use chemical weapons.

Third, Biden appeared to call for regime change in Russia. The White House said that was not the official stance of the U.S. government.

Here’s what happened when Biden was questioned by Doocy on these items:

You can see the rage in Biden’s eyes:

Several conservatives responded on Twitter:

Joe Biden is a serial liar.

Another reporter also asked Biden about the White House walking back his statements.

He again denied it completely:

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