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Paul Pelosi Booted from Cop Group After Showing Membership at Arrest

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) husband, Paul Pelosi, was removed from a police association after showing his membership card during his arrest, the New York Post reported Thursday.

He pleaded guilty recently to a DUI charge after his arrest in May when he crashed his Porsche in Napa Valley, California, according to a Breitbart News article published Tuesday.

He was sentenced to three years of probation and no additional jail time, per court papers.

When questioned by officers who also asked for identification, Paul Pelosi offered his driver’s license along with the membership card, a criminal complaint said, according to the Post report.

The California Highway Patrol 11-99 Foundation (CHP 11-99 Foundation) issued a statement Thursday saying it had evaluated what led up to Paul Pelosi’s arrest and conviction.

The organization said, “We are revoking Mr. Pelosi’s lifetime membership with the CHP 11-99 Foundation effective immediately,” adding it sent a letter to inform him:

The mere presentation of his 11-99 Foundation identification credentials to law enforcement made it appear that he was presenting them for preferential treatment whether that was the case or not which violates the terms and conditions he agreed to on his membership application.

These actions reflected poorly on the 11-99 Foundation and undermined our important mission. In our letter to Mr. Pelosi, we requested that he return all membership items he was issued upon joining the 11-99 Foundation. Once we receive all membership items back, he will be refunded what he has donated. This is the standard process we follow for any membership termination.

“Paul Pelosi was involved in a two-vehicle car crash about an hour before being arrested for driving under the influence on May 28,” according to Breitbart News.

The outlet said it was later revealed the man had slurred speech, red and watery eyes, and a drug in his system when he was taken into custody.

However, prosecutors eventually “walked back” what was described as a “boilerplate” drug allegation in the complaint against him, the Breitbart News article read.

Dashcam footage of Paul Pelosi’s DUI arrest showed him standing on the side of the road with officers:

“Do you think you’re physically able to balance on one foot or another?” an officer asked him. In the clip, the man appeared to hold onto the officer’s vehicle as they stood near the roadway.


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