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Over 400 Pro-Abortion Protests Take Place on Saturday, Kicking Off ‘Summer of Rage’

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Over 400 pro-abortion protests were taking place nationwide on Saturday, kicking off what the media is calling the “Summer of Rage.”

The protests were organized by Planned Parenthood, the Women’s March, and other pro-abortion groups.

“For the women of this country, this will be a summer of rage,” said Rachel Carmona, president of Women’s March, according to a report from Reuters. “We will be ungovernable until this government starts working for us, until the attacks on our bodies let up, until the right to an abortion is codified into law.”

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The largest turnouts are expected in DC, NYC, Chicago and Los Angeles — but roughly a thousand also gathered in Austin, Texas, where former Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards spoke.

“In Texas, arguably ground zero in the war on abortion rights, protesters rallied in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and Austin. Former Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards and former state Rep. Wendy Davis—famous for filibustering an abortion ban for 13 hours in pink tennis shoes—were among the speakers who addressed the rally of at least 1,000 people at the Texas State Capitol in Austin, before a band called ‘Pelvis Wrestley’ provided live entertainment,” Jezebel reports.

Students for Life of America counter protested at many of the events, leading to some clashes.

“Roe v. Wade turned 49, but we won’t see it turn 50 as it is,” said Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins in a statement provided to the Gateway Pundit. “Students for Life of America was founded as a Post-Roe organization, ready to protect life in law and in service in all 50 states. We’ve got a post-Roe plan, and we’re training the next generation of pro-life leaders to ensure that the children who will be born will have all our support.”

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