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Our Real Enemy Exposed: The Khazarian Central Banks

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Talk about a headline, huh?

Do you know about the Khazarians?

The Khazars?

Or as Clif High calls them, the “Khazarian Mafia”?

I covered them a few days ago in one of the most popular articles I have written in quite a while.

If you missed it, start here first:

Do You Know About The “Khazarian Mafia” …. the “Name Stealers”?

Now it’s time to go deeper.

Clif High just released what is essentially a Part 2 video and it’s incredible.

I guarantee once you start listening you won’t be able to stop.

It starts off with Trump and Putin having dinner together, a hypothetical example Clif uses to set the stage for what he’s about to describe.

I think it’s perfect.

He says imagine you go out to dinner and you find none other than President Trump already eating dinner in the same restaurant!


Then you look across the way and see Putin eating as well.

You sit down, start to enjoy your meal and then BAM!  Ninjas swoop in and start attacking the place, and suddenly you, Trump and Putin find yourselves fighting back in unison against the ninjas — fighting for your life, and winning!

Yes, things get ugly.

Yes, there are deaths.

Yes, the restaurant is left in shambles.

Far fetched…of course!  But it’s a parable and a very good one because it makes many points.

Were you, Trump and Putin engaged in “collusion” because you were all eating at the same restaurant and then all started fighting the same enemy?

Of course not!

You all simply found yourself suddenly having to defend your existence against a group of Mafia ninjas.

“Khazarian Mafiosos” to be exact.

And that’s essentially the world we live in.

These Khazars are really sick people.

They’re also called the “Nam Stealers”.

As you can read in much more detail in this article, the Khazarians are not Jews — they’re not Semitic, not descended from Shem or Judah — and yet they’ve “adopted” Judaism as a cloak and shield.

And their home base?

Their “home state” on the globe?


Now is everything starting to make more sense?

The Rothschilds (or Roths-shields — or “Red Shields”) are Khazars and so are virtually all of the world’s power elite.

Most notably, they control the Central Banks which means they’ve controlled the world for years and the U.S. since 1913.

Clif says they believe they are the “superior race” or “dominant race” in the world.

Clif is way smarter and more studied than I am, but I would suggest one tweak on what Clif says…

I would propose that the Khazars may in fact have ties to the Genesis 6:4 Nephilim.

Are more dots now starting to connect for you?

You know, the elongated heads bunch?

For much more on that, read this:

Who Were the “Sons of God” from Genesis 6:4? Three Theories.

And this:

DISCLOSURE Is Coming: Why It Has Everything To Do With Christianity — Matthew 24:24

And now let me wrap up by circling back to our topic at hand.

The latest video from Clif High.

Clif explains all of this and more, in much more detail and better than I ever could.

He also explains why they always need a war or a pandemic.

It’s because their inflation (which is central to their control) eventually always fails.

It’s just math.

So if they can’t fix the supply side of the inflation curve, they fix the demand side.


Simple — just wipe out a couple hundred million people….or more.

Hence your wars and your pandemics every few decades.

Without it, their system would collapse much sooner.

Anyway, I think you’re going to find this wildly fascinating and informative.

Please enjoy:

We Love Trump

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