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Our Benchmark for Energy Success Is Stable Oil, ‘But Really, a Move to Clean Energy’

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On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said that the benchmark for success on energy for the Biden administration is “really a stable oil market, but really, a move to clean energy.”

Host Chris Hayes asked, “What’s the benchmark for success here? I mean, again, I think that — to go back to the sort of SPR release — the Strategic Petroleum Reserve…there’s always this worry about firing that bullet in the gun and it not working. So, what is your benchmark over these next six months?”

Granholm responded, “Well, what we want to do is see the price of gas at the pump really stabilize. We know that there’s volatility because we don’t know how much more oil we’ll be able to put on the market, not just us in the United States, but globally. We don’t know what other countries who are producers will do, like OPEC, which had a meeting today, and did not increase significantly their supply. So, — but, the benchmark is really a stable oil market, but really, a move to clean energy. This is why the uptick in demand for electric vehicles is a good sign. I know electric vehicles can be expensive at the dealer, but it’s one of the reasons the president wants to see those tax credits to bring down the price at the dealer, so that people can buy electric vehicles and don’t have to ever worry about going to fill it up at the gas pump.”

Earlier, Granholm stated that becoming “energy independent with clean energy, is the medium-to-long-term strategy.”

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