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Oregon Introduces Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Cards

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“Oregon health officials rolled out a digital vaccine card option Wednesday which allows people to keep track of their COVID vaccination records online,” KATU 2 reports.

The Oregon Health Authority said the “My Electronic Vaccine Card” is an easy way to present proof of your COVID vaccines when requested by shops, airports, or other businesses.

The card, which is completely optional, is available in 13 languages.

“The only information stored on the digital card is your name, date of birth and the types of vaccines you’ve received in Oregon,” the state said.

People can sign up by phone or online.

While the pilot program may be optional now, how long until it becomes mandatory?

The Oregonian wrote:

Oregon launched a $2.45 million app this week aimed at making it easier to prove and verify that someone has been vaccinated against COVID-19, nearly a month later than previously promised and after pandemic restrictions have been lifted.

The project has been in the works since at least November, when Oregon health officials spoke about it to state lawmakers. In early March, the health authority said it was “on track” to launch it by the end of the month but the official rollout didn’t happen until Monday, when the agency announced on Twitter that people could sign up.

By 8 a.m. Tuesday, 1,425 people had registered, Oregon Health Authority spokesperson Rudy Owens said in an emailed response to questions.

The concept of an easy-to-use app with verifiable vaccine information had appeal earlier in the pandemic, when entering some or all businesses required wearing a mask or displaying vaccination certification, creating logistical challenges for some companies and concerns about fake vaccine cards.

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