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Oregon Flipping Red? Poll Shows Oregon Voters Favoring Republican Over Democrat For Governor by 18 Points

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Oregon voters, who have reliably voted blue in every presidential election since 1988, have a deeply unfavorable view on both Biden and Democrat Gov. Kate Brown, a DHM Research survey found.

The poll found 63 percent expressing a negative view of Biden and 72 percent expressing a negative view of Gov. Brown.

Breitbart reported:

Overall, 73 percent of Oregon voters say the state is headed down the wrong track, and homelessness, government/leadership,  crime, public safety, and lack of law enforcement are among the top issues for Oregon voters for their state. 

While just six percent say jobs/the economy is the most important problem facing the state, 62 percent say the economic conditions in Oregon are getting worse, and 55 percent say they are worried about their financial situation. 

Perhaps most notable is the fact that Oregon voters choose a Republican over a Democrat for governor on a generic ballot, 47 percent to 29 percent. Even when an independent is thrown in the mix, Republicans still have the plurality with 26 percent, compared to 21 percent for the independent and 16 percent for the Democrat on the generic ballot. What is more, 46 percent of Oregon voters say they want the next governor to be either somewhat or very socially conservative, compared to 26 percent who want a socially moderate candidate and 27 percent who want a very or somewhat liberal governor on social issues. A majority, 51 percent, said they would like a somewhat or very conservative governor on economic issues as well. 

The survey was taken February 17-23, 2022, among 600 Oregon voters. It has a +/- 4 percent margin of error. 

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