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Opportunist Beto O’Rourke Says the “Only Evil” in the Uvalde Massacre is Governor Abbott

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The Democratic opportunist, hoping to snag Texas’ top spot as Governor spoke to the press Wednesday after he interrupted a press conference regarding the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas. 

O’Rourke was removed from the press conference after a local official called him a “sick son-of-a-bitch” for utilizing the event to make a political statement. 

When speaking to the press, he said, “The only thing evil is what he [Governor Abbott] continues to do to the people of this state.”

He also said that these events will “continue to happen” because Abbott refuses to “stand up to the people of Texas,” going on to imply all Texans were at fault for the death of the children killed in Tuesday’s mass shooting.

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O’Rourke was referencing Abbott’s continued support of Second Amendment gun ownership rights. He criticized the Governor’s support of gun rights, the ability to carry firearms in Texas, and the ability to purchase a gun with fewer barriers. 

He also spoke out against Abbott’s upcoming appearance at the NRA’s Grand Ole Night Of Freedom event on Saturday in Houston, Texas. 

During his commentary with the press, O’Rourke made an impassioned plea, claiming that “most of Texas” agree with him, stating that more gun control is “what the people of Texas want right now.” His unchecked emotions accompanied the baseless claims.

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