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NYPD Should Spy on People at Out-of-State Gun Shows — ‘Be Proactive’

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Newsweek editor-at-large Naveed Jamali said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that in response to the shooting on a New York City subway, the NYPD should monitor gun shows by taking “license plates down of people coming down from New York to purchase guns out of state.”

Jamali said, “We are in an age of data. The idea that we are tracing this gun back and whoever had it illegally is going to be prosecuted, of course, that’s incredibly important. But the part, we very rarely look at the data of where that gun came from. Did it come from a gun show? Did it come from one person who habitually happens to have guns stolen from them? And why isn’t that person being investigated? Why isn’t that person being prosecuted? Why isn’t the NYPD going and parking out in front of gun shows and starting to take license plates down of people coming down from New York to purchase guns out of state?”

He added, “If we could send and NYPD officers to counterterrorism, we can do the same thing here. We can talk about federal legislation, but the reality is we’re not going to have universal federal legislation when it comes to gun things, and it’s up to the cities in the states to solve this. Look, New York City is suffering from the proliferation of guns flowing in through the iron pipeline. Then the city should be proactive in disrupting that iron pipeline, going to the places where those guns are purchased, looking to prosecute people who are buying guns, and then selling them that are using crimes in New York City. It’s not just a gun user we have to go after. We have to go after the gun seller.”

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