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NYC Mom Dies Following Horrific Mother’s Day Hit-and-Run

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A New York City woman has died after she was brutally pinned between two cars during a hit-and-run in Queens on Mother’s Day, according to reports.

Warning: The Video Below Contains Graphic Content. Viewer Discretion is Strongly Advised. 

Police said the assailant was driving a stolen dump truck and attempted a U-turn on 120th Avenue – a dead-end street – at 8:30 a.m. Sunday, WABC reported

“He hit this white BMW, he hit about three, four times,” witness Sharon Brown told the outlet. “The owners of the car came out. They were trying to stop him. He was still in motion.”

Forty-nine-year-old Florence Ngwu, a mother of four, approached the vehicle with a traffic cone attempting to get the suspect’s attention, witnesses reportedly said.

“She was just saying, ‘Pull over, you hit a vehicle, we need information,’” said neighbor Sean Vassell. “The guy didn’t want to hear it. He just wanted to go.”

Multiple camera angles captured the horrific moment the driver sped away from the dead-end street but struck a silver SUV in the process, pulling it down the roadway and launching it into three people, including Ngwu. 

Ngwu was crushed between the SUV and another vehicle, and witnesses at the scene were unsuccessful in freeing her before first responders arrived, WPIX noted

She was conveyed to Jamaica Hospital, where she died Monday, a senior police official told WNBC.

“It doesn’t feel real yet, I’m in disbelief,” Ngwu’s niece, Nnenna B., told WABC. “Of all days for it to happen, we were suppose to be celebrating Mother’s Day.”

“We were trying to figure out what gift to get her…I’m so upset they will have to remember Mother’s Day this way, the rest of their lives,” she added. 

Police located the truck, which the New York Post reports to be a Ford F-550, more than a mile from the scene. “Senior police officials said it had been reported stolen two hours before the hit-and-run,” WNBC wrote. 

No arrests have been made, but police reportedly identified the suspect and are working to locate him, according to WABC. 


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