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NYC Housing Official Suspended After Naked Video Call

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A video conference for New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) officials took an unexpected turn when a Bronx neighborhood administrator, Alex Tolozano, reportedly appeared naked alongside a woman.

“The video, obtained by THE CITY, reveals a blurry image of Tolozano with the woman and captures discussion among other NYCHA staff trying to figure out what was going on,” the outlet said Friday.

One person said the man was lying in a bed, and moments later, a woman appeared in the camera. In the seconds after that, Tolozano allegedly appeared with no clothes on.

According to the outlet, the incident happened on the internal NYCHA call Wednesday during work hours.

What appeared to be Tolozano’s LinkedIn profile described him as a Superintendent for the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA).

In 2018, NYCHA staffers reportedly transformed a Bronx housing project into a sex club where employees had orgies in offices and empty apartments.

Breitbart News reported at the time:

A city official said complaints were filed with New York City’s Department of Investigation, which recommended NYCHA officials take disciplinary action against the employees. NYCHA then decided to clean house at that location.

NYCHA General Manager Vito Mustaciuolo ordered all staff members who worked at the Throggs Neck complex to leave on Friday and turn in their keys—even if workers were not involved in the alleged orgies.

Per the City article, Tolozano oversaw several NYCHA developments in the Bronx, and last year, he earned $129,000, according to records.

Barbara Brancaccio, who is NYCHA’s chief communications officer, said officials were told about the recent incident not long after it took place and NYCHA suspended Tolozano without pay for 30 days.

“NYCHA took swift disciplinary action following this incident by immediately suspending the employee, initiating an investigation and beginning the administrative process for dismissal,” Brancaccio explained.

“Inappropriate activity, absconding from work, and time abuse are not tolerated at NYCHA and will be met with suitable consequences,” she added.


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