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Now Biden Wants To Tap The Strategic Diesel Fuel Reserve

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Joe Biden has already tapped the nations oil reserves. It did nothing but deplete our reserves.

Now he wants to tap the diesel reserve and that won’t do anything either.

If Biden really wanted to do something about the crisis of gas prices, he would reverse his energy production policies but that’s the one thing he won’t do.

Newsmax reports:

Biden in Talks to Tap Into Strategic Diesel Fuel Reserve

Tapping into the strategic diesel fuel reserve might be next up for President Joe Biden in his attempt to mitigate damage of supply shortages and rampant inflation.

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The Biden administration is in talks to release diesel fuel to help curb shortages, a source told The Hill on Monday.

The official said a recommendation is coming from a team of advisers monitoring East Coast diesel supply.

“The team has prepared emergency declarations for [the] president to authorize release from the Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve if conditions deteriorate,” the advisory panel told The Hill in a statement. “We would call this a bridge to deal with short-term supply shortfalls.”

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Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve holds about 1 million barrels of home heating oil since it was created in 2000. That would be merely one day’s supply for the region, according to the White House.

The only time it was tapped was during the Obama administration in 2012 after Hurricane Sandy battered the East Coast.

Biden and Democrats don’t care about high gas prices because they are trying to transition the country off of fossil fuels for their green agenda.

What do you think Biden is talking about when he says the country is going through a transition?

They are doing this on purpose.

The pain is intentional.

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