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We cover a lot of really heavy topics here at WeLoveTrump…

Like this:

Disney Linked to Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell’s PEDO Island; Disney Cruise Line Offered Snorkeling Trips to Island

And this:

NY Supreme Court Judge Kills Himself After Feds Raid His Home

Just to name a few.

But about once a week I make it a habit to cover something lighter…

To cover something that makes us all laugh for a moment.

And maybe even dance!

And today I have both for you.

These videos from il Donald Trumpo and CatTurd never fail to crack me up.




You know what’s coming…

You know Joe Biden is either going to get sucked down a trap door or eaten by a shark or some other calamity, and then you know Trump is going to pop up along with the dancing cat doing the YMCA.

You know it’s coming and it doesn’t matter, it still cracks me up every single time!

Like an old movie you’ve seen a thousand times that still makes you laugh even though you have all the lines memorized.

So please enjoy the latest — and watch out for sharks!

Watch here on Rumble:

We Love Trump

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