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“Nobody Believes I Was Talking About Taking Down Putin! Nobody Believes That!” (VIDEO)

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Joe Biden on Monday took some questions from reporters after outlining his 2023 budget proposal to Congress.

Biden snapped at a reporter asking about his Putin regime change comments in Poland.

Over the weekend Biden closed his speech with what is either a policy change or a gaffe just like his comment on Friday to U.S. troops they were headed into Ukraine.

Biden said, “For God’s sake, this man [Putin] cannot remain in power.”

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Biden’s handlers immediately went into clean up mode and ‘clarified’ Biden’s regime change remarks.

Joe Biden said he’s not walking back his comments on Putin and when pressed about his incendiary off-script statement, Biden snapped!

“…Because it’s ridiculous! Nobody believes we’re gonna takedown… I was talking about taking down Putin! Nobody believes that!”

So, nobody takes Joe Biden seriously?


Nobody believed Biden was talking about taking down Putin?

The headlines say otherwise.

The Gateway Pundit

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