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No Twitter Purchase? Elon Musk Shocks World with Message About Moving on as Supporters Beg Him to Stay and Fight

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The very public rabbit hole into which the world has been merrily dragged as Elon Musk has set his sights upon Twitter took a new direction Sunday.

Or perhaps not.

Musk, who has perfected the art of Twitter trolling, offered two words on Sunday that led to keyboards clicking across the Twittersphere to say it ain’t so.

“Moving on …” Musk tweeted, without a clue whether that meant he was leaving behind his quixotic attempt to buy Twitter or simply felt in a particularly playful mood.


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The tweet rattled the nerves of those who have been cheering on Musk’s single-handed battle against his hydra-headed enemies, including Twitter’s board and the legions of nay-sayers who have squealed that allowing him to run Twitter would somehow or other make the social media giant worse than it already is.


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Whatever the latest tweet means, the show goes on, and as Kevin D. Williamson wrote in an Op-Ed in the New York Post, it has earned rave reviews.

“Watching Elon Musk take on Twitter is like watching a hockey game or sitting through the Oscars: The beatdown will be the fun part, no matter who wins,” he wrote.

Williamson wrote that Musk comes out a winner no matter what.

“A social-media feud that is also an opportunity to make a pile of money is precisely the sort of thing Elon Musk lives for,” he wrote.

Williamson wrote that in his view, Musk scared Twitter’s insiders by saying he would reveal its inner workings.

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“What Musk proposes is not taking away Twitter’s ability to regulate content on its platform but rather to disinfect that process by dragging Twitter’s inner workings out of the shadows and into the sunshine,” he wrote.

And whether Musk’s commitment to free speech might be different in practice than he says in his tweets, Williamson noted that “Twitter’s only reliable free-speech principle is that it shuns anything that causes California progressives to run around shrieking with their dresses over their heads.”

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