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New York City Backtracks Vaccine Mandate For NYPD Amid Rising Crime

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As a former New Yorker I can say one thing: the city is destroying itself bit by bit…

Bill De Blasio and the other members of the leftist mob controlling New York have done everything in their power to make the city completely unlivable…

Things like enforcing city-wide vaccine mandates for a ‘vaccine’ that doesn’t even work…

People are losing their jobs, being refused entry into businesses, and living through hell because the bureaucRATS that have infested our society can wave pens and make decisions for other people.

A sizable amount of those protesting for medical freedom, and have outright refused to take the failed Covid-19 shot, are first responders in the NYPD and FDNY.

Now the city seems to be having regrets about their tyrannical policy…

According to the newest reports, New York City officials appear to be walking back their policies which would see 5,000 unvaccinated NYPD personnel fired from the force.

On a normal day the city could stand to lose these officers, which represent around 10% of the force, but surging crime due to the liberal policies suffocating New York mean that they can’t afford to lose 5,000 personnel.

Responses to the news were mixed:

The New York Post claims:

“In a nutshell, no decisions will be made, no further members will be forced to leave until further notice,” said a veteran NYPD sergeant, explaining the unwritten rule.

“There hasn’t been any memo, just basically keep everything status quo and if issues arise we will revisit it down the road.”


Trending Politics explains:

New York City is retreating on vaccine mandates, but only out of dire necessity.

As the nation’s largest city comes into the grips of a violent crime wave that includes mass shootings, there comes a report that the mayor plans to shelve the plan to fire thousands of police officers who either refused to get the Covid-19 vaccine or to report their status to their employer.

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