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New Information on Death of Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins

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The sudden passing of Taylor Hawkins, 50, shocked the music world.

BREAKING: Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins Passes Away at 50

Here’s a rundown of the latest information, public evidence and private sources, about the drummer’s tragic death.

First off, PolitiFact immediately ruled out the COVID-19 injection as a potential cause.

No cause of death has been released, but at least one Facebook post claims without evidence that Hawkins, who was 50, died because of the COVID-19 vaccine.

This post was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed. (Read more about our partnership with Facebook.)

The post attempts to connect a New York Post article that said Hawkins’ heart weighed double the average for men of his age, and myocarditis — inflammation of the heart — which has been associated with COVID-19 vaccines in rare cases.

We found no credible reports to support the claim that Hawkins died from the vaccine.

PolitiFact’s analysis is beyond bad and lacks any critical thinking whatsoever.

They basically write ‘we have no clue what caused his death but it’s definitely not the COVID shot.’

Steve Kirsch wrote a more competent analysis on his Substack Newsletter.

Here’s his summary:

  1. He was found dead in his hotel room on March 25, 2022 after complaining about chest pains.
  2. Press reported he died of cardiac arrest. That is really important. The vaccine causes death by cardiac arrest. Marijuana and heroin and the other drugs aren’t consistent with the symptoms observed before he died. He appeared to be perfectly normal other than chest pains.
  3. Taylor Hawkins was all about the music and his fans. Those were his passions. He was not in it for the money or any other reason. He was just a great guy. [inside source]
  4. He was married for 17 years and had three kids: Shane, Annabelle, and Everleigh. He had everything to live for.
  5. Toxicology reports from the Colombian authorities claim there were 10 substances found in his body including opioids, benzodiazepines, marijuana and antidepressants but there was no mention of the amount of each substance. People have mentioned that drug reports from Colombian sources can be unreliable.
  6. An autopsy also found Hawkins’ heart weighed at least 600 grams, as reported by Colombian publication, Semana. This is about double the size of a normal heart for a man of his age [Source Source].
  7. We know that the COVID vaccine can cause a heart to double in size and then kill you. This can happen in as little as 5 days after injection. One of the most public examples of this is the death of the son of Ernest Ramirez. His son died just 5 days after his first dose of Pfizer and his heart was double in size at the time of his death. I checked with one of the world’s top cardiologists (Peter McCullough) who confirmed that yes, your heart can double in size in just 5 days. McCullough looked at the medical records for Ernest’s son and concluded his death was due to the COVID vaccine. FEMA offered Ernest Ramirez a lot of money to change his story and say that the death was caused by COVID. Ramirez refused.
  8. Hawkins had a history of drug use, and a 2001 heroin overdose left him in a coma, according to the Los Angeles Times. However, he “made clear he learned his lesson in 2001, and had lived a solid family life with perhaps occasional drug use here and there.”

    So it seems unlikely that he just decided on a spontaneous heroin/benzo/cocaine bender right before a show, called for help, then died of an overdose.

  9. He still smoked weed. This was well known [Insider]. This may have elevated his risk, but he’d been smoking weed for decades.
  10. On or about March 25, 2021, Hawkins made it very clear he was against masks, lockdowns, and the COVID vaccines [Insider who spoke with him about this]
  11. Approximately two months later, Hawkins was under pressure from both Dave Grohl and the band manger to take the vaccine [Insider who was a party to the conversations]
  12. Grohl and vaxx zealot Mick Jagger released a song on April 13, 2021 called “Eazy Sleazy” which was a pro-vaccine song. The June 18 show at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, California required everyone to be vaccinated. [Source]
  13. Hawkins’ heart was likely already somewhat damaged from an earlier vaccine dose when he reported that he “just found out” that his doctor said he had a “big heart.” [Rolling Stone interview on June 15, 2021] So the timing on this suggests that Hawkins had his first and/or second dose before the medical exam. Also, the way Hawkins described it in the interview suggests that this was new news from the doctor about a big heart. Otherwise, if he knew this before, why would his doctor all of a sudden bring it up. So this is all consistent with a damaged heart on an earlier vaccine shot.
  14. Hawkins got a booster on Feb 26, 2022 [Insider], just a month before he died.
  15. Large study in JAMA said most heart problems surfaced 3 weeks after the vaccine.
  16. Those involved in physically demanding activities (such as a drummer in a band) are going to be more likely to get myocarditis due to catecholamine release interaction with the vaccine. See this paper by my friend Flavio Cadegiani, Catecholamines are the key trigger of mRNA SARS-CoV-2 and mRNA COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis and sudden deaths: a compelling hypothesis supported by epidemiological, anatomopathological, molecular and physiological findings. Note: it’s hard to get stuff like this published because it is counter-narrative.
  17. Their stage manager Andy Pollard died suddenly as well.

Long-time Foo Fighters stage manager Andy Pollard passed away last June at 45-years-old.

Taylor Hawkins Was the 2nd Foo Fighters Member to Suddenly Pass Away In the Past Year

Pollard’s death occurred when the band started its controversial concert policy of requiring attendees to show proof of inoculation against COVID-19.

Kirsch reported that an individual who knew Taylor Hawkins said the drummer was a “healthy, active, nice guy who suddenly dropped dead for no reason.” The person was “100% certain” it was the COVID-19 jab that killed Hawkins (their opinion).

Here’s a clip from an interview with Hawkins discussing his current lifestyle:

Does that sound like someone who went on a random drug bender?

What are the chances a husband and father of three children with everything to live for have 10 different substances in his system, as the alleged toxicology report states.

Kirsch summarized his guesses of what caused Taylor Hawkins’ death:

  1. He likely got vaccinated around May 2021 with his first two doses after pressure from Grohl and the band manager.
  2. His medical exam done after his first vaccination(s) showed he had an enlarged heart for the first time. This was our first clue of vaccine injury. But clearly the doctor wasn’t that concerned since he didn’t tell Hawkins he was at any risk at all.
  3. The booster on Feb 26, 2022 took 30 days to damage his heart for the final time. As I noted early, it took only one dose and 5 days to kill Ernest Ramierez’s son who was completely normal until he died. For Hawkins, it just took longer

Unfortunately, we’ll likely never get an honest answer from official sources.

There’s too much collusion with the pharmaceutical companies to get a trustworthy investigation.

We must draw our own conclusions based on the available information.

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