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New Hampshire The Freest State? Read Pro-Liberty Legislation Waiting for the Governor’s Signature

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According to CATO Institute’s, New Hampshire is the freest state in America.

The site’s Top 5:

#1 New Hampshire

#2 Florida

#3 Nevada

#4 Tennessee

#5 South Dakota

After a slew of pro-liberty legislation passed by the New Hampshire Senate, it’s hard to argue against The Granite State not being #1.

Check out this thread:

HB 1178

HB 1636

HB 1431

HB 1663

HB 1280

HB 1131

HB 1455

HB 1022

HB 1495

HB 1466

HB 1604

HB 1606

HB 1099

HB 1097

HB 1221

HB 1432

HB 314

HB 1625

HB 275

HB 1000

HB 543

HB 1503

Let’s see if Republican Governor Chris Sununu signs each piece of legislation.

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