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Netflix’s ‘Don’t Look Up’ Director Adam McKay Fumes At Democrats Struggling to Beat Republican ‘Murderous Clowns’

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Hollywood filmmaker Adam McKay, who directed The Big Short and Netflix’s climate-change satire Don’t Look Up, has admitted that Democrats are struggling to beat Republicans, whom he referred to as a bunch of “murderous clowns.”

Adam McKay expressed his frustration with Democrats while reacting to a Washington Post article ranking the top GOP presidential contenders for 2024.

“This hits like a ‘Top 10 things you can have for dinner other than food,’” he tweeted Saturday. “It really points out how broken and corporatized the DNC is that they struggle to beat these murderous clowns.”

The Post article ranked Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) as the lead GOP presidential contender, slightly ahead of former President Donald Trump.

Adam McKay used last year’s Oscars season to re-invent himself as one of Hollywood’s most vocal climate change activists, demanding the defunding of the fossil fuel industry and claiming that anyone who disliked Don’t Look Up isn’t serious about global warming.

But as Breitbart News noted, McKay is a climate hypocrite in the way that only wealthy elites can be — he owns at least two mansions, one in Los Angeles and the other in Ireland,  a 10,000 mile roundtrip that gives the celebrity and his family an elephantine carbon footprint.

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