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Netflix Begins Layoffs After Disastrous Report

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In yet another indication that “wokeness” is a mind virus destroying everything it touches, look no further than Netflix — the once high-flying entertainment conglomerate that’s now faltering.

Just four months after its launch, Tudum — the streaming giant’s editorial website — laid off at least 10 staffers, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The site had hired a “small army of journalists — mostly women and people of color” — who now “feel like Netflix set them up to fail,” according to The Daily Beast.

The layoffs occurred just one week after Netflix revealed in a letter to shareholders that it had lost 200,000 subscribers during the first quarter.

It was the first time since 2011 that the streaming platform had lost subscribers.


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It’s unclear whether additional layoffs are imminent. However, in its letter, the entertainment group said it expected to lose an additional 2 million subscribers in the second quarter, which ends June 30.

Netflix’s recent implosion isn’t surprising to anyone who understands how toxic wokeness has infested its content.

Even billionaire Tesla founder Elon Musk remarked last month that the “woke mind virus is making Netflix unwatchable.”

Divisive and disturbing programs such as “Cuties,” “Q-Force” and “Dear White People” have prompted many people to cancel their subscriptions.


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Netflix’s insistence on injecting left-wing propaganda into its shows has become so extreme that it’s now a running joke.

While Hollywood producers often take some creative license, rewriting history to change the race of iconic figures is jarring because it takes viewers out of the immersive experience they seek when watching a movie or TV series.

This left-wing propaganda contaminating Netflix isn’t surprising when you consider that its co-founder and co-CEO is Reed Hastings, a Democratic megadonor who has given millions of dollars to liberal candidates, including two-time failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton and embattled President Joe Biden.

Netflix’s other co-CEO is Ted Sarandos, another Democratic megadonor who serves as chief content director.

Rewriting history and pushing leftist agendas in every aspect of our lives — including escapist pastimes such as entertainment and sports — are hallmarks of today’s Democratic Party.

This pervasive injection of woke propaganda and intolerance of other views presumably motivated Musk to buy Twitter.

Hopefully, Musk’s crusade to restore some semblance of balance to Big Tech and the media will ignite a profound cultural revolution.

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