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‘Muslims Make Our Nation Stronger Every Single Day, Even as They Still Face Real Threats in Our Society’ (VIDEO)

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Joe and Jill Biden on Monday hosted a reception to celebrate Eid al-Fitr at the White House.

Monday marked the last day of Ramadan 2022 and Muslims celebrated Eid al-Fitr or “the festival of breaking of the fast.”

Joe Biden slammed American citizens in his speech and claimed Muslims are being targeted with violence in the US.

Of course Biden didn’t offer up any evidence or data to back up his absurd claims of rampant ‘Islamophobia.’

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“So many Muslims are being targeted with violence! No one – No one should discriminate against or be oppressed for their religious beliefs,” said Biden to applause.

“Muslims make our nation stronger every single day, even as they still face real challenges and threats in our society,” Biden said.

Another grotesque and divisive speech by the ‘great unifier’ Joe Biden.


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