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MSNBC’s Ali Velshi Calls for NATO “Direct Military Involvement” in Ukraine After Russia Accused of Massacre of Civilians in Bucha

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MSNBC host Ale Velshi is calling for “direct military involvement” by NATO in Ukraine after Russia was accused of massacring civilians in the town of Bucha. Ukrainian forces who entered the formerly Russian-occupied suburb of Kyiv this week posted videos and photos of bodies left in the streets and buried in mass graves–several of the victims were found with their arms tied behind their backs.

Video posted by the Ukraine military on Friday shows massacre victims in Bucha. Russia posted a statement on Sunday claiming the video is a hoax.

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Velshi issued his call to arms via Twitter while reporting on the war from the western Ukraine city of Lviv.

“The turning point for the west and NATO will come when the sun rises over Kyiv on Sunday, & the war crimes against civilian non-combatants becomes visible to all. There is no more time for prevarication. If “never again” means anything, then this is the time to act.”

Responding to the question, “How do you propose the west and NATO act? What are you calling for?”, Velshi replied, “Direct military involvement”

Velshi talked about his call for NATO involvement with guest Maj. Spencer Guard, U.S. Army Ret. and others on his show Sunday morning.

Velshi has engaged viewers on Twitter about his call to arms and the risk of nuclear war with Russia, “Mike: 1. I am in Ukraine. 2. This is genocide. The world tried Milosevic for exactly this. 3. I’m arguing that having nukes SHOULDN’T be license to commit war crimes or violations of the Rome Statute.3. You and I are not at war. Let’s please keep it civil.”

“Did you watch the two hours of coverage I did on this. Not once did I casually dismiss the threat of nuclear war. I discussed it in almost every single segment. I welcome legitimate criticism but please don’t jump to conclusions.”

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