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Most Registered Voters Believe Trump Outperformed Biden On Critical Issues

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According to a new Harvard-Harris Poll, most registered voters believe that Trump outperformed Biden on key issues like immigration, terrorism, the economy and more.

It’s not hard to see why. All anyone has to do is look at where Biden has led the country in just two years. The border is wide open and inflation is higher than it has been in forty years.

This is one of the main reasons that Democrats hate and fear Trump so intensely.

He makes them look bad and he does so effortlessly.

Newsmax reports:

Harvard-Harris Poll: Voters Say Trump Outperformed Biden on Key Issues

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Most registered voters are still saying that former President Donald Trump performed better than President Joe Biden on a slate of critical issues, according to a new Harvard-Harris poll.

The first is Biden’s overall job approval rating. His disapproval currently stands at 55%, with only 41% of respondents approving of his performance.

Meanwhile, an average of polls by FiveThirtyEight showed that, at the same time last year, Trump’s approval stood 2 points higher and his disapproval 2 points lower.

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Further data compiled by Breitbart showed that Trump held a 56% approval rating on the economy in January, 2021, while Biden’s rating in September of this year currently stands at 37%.

Trump also saw higher approvals on immigration, fighting terrorism, foreign affairs, and administering the government — besting Biden by nearly 10 points or more in every category.

Inflation and crime, the top two categories registered voters cared about, were two of Biden’s worst-performing categories. He scored a low 36% and 38% approval on both issues, respectively.

It’s not really that surprising, is it?

Joe Biden has been a disaster. Democrats know it, even if they won’t admit it.

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