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Microchips In Pills Are REAL and Coming Soon!

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Welcome to another episode of “Conspiracy FACTS”.

Or “Trumors” (True Rumors) as we like to call them.

This is an ongoing series where we examine things that were initially labeled “Conspiracy Theory” only to later be proven true.

Imagine that.

You mean the whole MSM was lying to you?

Well, not us.

We tell you the truth and just like President Trump we’re often mocked at first and later vindicated to be 100% right.

Here’s the latest…

Remember when we told you they were going to start adding microchips to the vaccine and to the new vaccine pills?

“CONSPIRACIST!” they shouted.

Except…it’s true.

Listen to Pfizer’s CEO Anthony Bourla himself, talking so proudly about just exactly how they will pull it off.

Oh, and why is he talking in front of a “Word Economic Forum” background?

Funny how the WEF is suddenly EVERYWHERE, don’t you think?

Anyway…I have the full clip for you right here on Rumble:


Andrew gets it:

Backup clip:

@KiraR gets it:

So…do you trust Pfizer?

We Love Trump

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