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Meet the Head of Biden’s New Disinformation Governance Board

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Orwell’s predictions in his book 1984 are coming to life…

The Biden administration has created the Disinformation Governance Board whose main objective is to “combat disinformation” which really means they want to be the decipher of truth.

The head of the Information Governance Board is Nina Jankowicz who previously spread false information regarding the Trump -Russia dossier.

Meet her here:

The New York Post added these details:

Insane as it is that the Department of Homeland Security has created a Disinformation Governance Board, it’s utter madness that the woman running it is Nina Jankowicz, who’s a veteran disinfo spreader.

She embraced and promoted the bogus Clinton-campaign-created Trump-Russia dossier. And she waged war on The Post’s true and accurate reporting of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

As our first laptop stories ran, The Associated Press reported: “Disinformation experts say there are multiple red flags that raise doubts about their authenticity, including questions about whether the laptop actually belongs to Hunter Biden, said Nina Jankowicz.”

She also told the AP: “We should view it as a Trump campaign product.”

Jankowicz soon shared another report “casting yet more doubt on the provenance of the New York Post’s Hunter Biden story.” And she tweeted that same day, “The emails don’t need to be altered to be part of an influence campaign. Voters deserve that context, not a [fairy] tale about a laptop repair shop.”

What “conspiracy theorists” have been echoing for decades has come to past, buckle up folks censorship will be on the horizon within the next few months.

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