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Medical Examiner Says Former Missouri State Rep. Cora Walker Died from Heart Disease

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The Saint Louis Medical Examiner announced Wednesday that Former Representative Cora Faith Walker died from a heart condition after attending cop-hating leftist Mayor Tishaura Jones’ birthday party on March 11.

Former Missouri State Representative Cora Faith Walker, 37, died unexpectedly early morning after spending the night at Loews Hotel at Ballpark Village in downtown St. Louis following the birthday party on March 10.

According to St. Louis Medical Examiner who conducted an autopsy last month, “There were no physical injuries or signs of trauma to the body.”

On Wednesday, medical examiner Dr. Michael Graham said that Walker died of a heart condition, specifically nonischemic cardiomyopathy (NCBI).

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Graham said Walker’s toxicology report showed the presence of prescription drugs that were “all expected to be there in the amounts we would expect to see. There were no illicit substances found.”

He determined Walker died from a condition known as nonischemic cardiomyopathy.

“It’s a disease of the heart muscle,” Graham said. “It usually affects older people with high blood pressure, but she did not have high blood pressure.

“We don’t know why some people develop it. Hers was a fairly mild form. It essentially short-circuited the electrical system in her heart, causing an arrhythmia and she dropped over. We don’t normally think about people dropping over dead, and it is fairly unusual, but it’s not an usual age for the presentation of this condition.”

He also said he did not believe any potential previous illicit substance use would have caused this condition.

“If there was, I would have called this alcoholic heart disease, or cocaine heart disease,” he said. “But there was no evidence of that.”

Graham said he also conducted some genetic testing with Walker’s family to determine whether the condition could have been familial. He said those results showed no history of the condition within her family tree.

A spokeswoman for Walker’s family said Tuesday the family did not have any statements reacting to the Medical Examiner’s findings.

It is still unclear how Cora developed a heart condition knowing her family has no history of such disease. Speculation coming from social media is that Walker’s death was Covid-vaccine-related.

“Heart problems associated with the COVID vaccine are one of the many side effects listed in the #pfizerdocuments,” one user tweeted.

“The problem is there is no follow up. Like Cora Walker. She pushed vaccines – then she dies suddenly and we aren’t allowed to ask? Excess mortality is up significantly. Across countries, across age groups and it tracks with vax rollouts. Questions are just and must be answered,” another user responded.

Cora was a pro-vaccine and always encouraged her Twitter followers to take the shot. She even used a mask and vaccine emoji on her Twitter handle.

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